To Cadets, Parents and Guardians,

The safety and security of all who participate in the Cadet Program is always one of our top priorities. It is assumed that the COVID-19 pandemic could last 18 months or longer. This virus will likely return in multiple waves and continue to pose a threat to the Canadian Public. A return to normalcy is not forecasted any time soon, and we need to prepare for a new normal.

The following precautions are now in place for the Cadet Corps:

  • Everyone MUST complete the online assessment PRIOR to being allowed to entre the facility / training location (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS)
  • No guests/drop-ins will be permitted into the Cadet Corps (including parents / guardians / stakeholders) unless they have made an appointment with the Commanding Officer (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS);
  • All personnel must wear masks at all times;
  • Social distancing (of at least two-metres) will be maintained;
  • Washing of hands (for at least 20 seconds) will be strongly encouraged;
  • Hand sanitizers must be used on a regular basis;
  • Every personnel who enter the building must complete a safety briefing, health check and register in the tracing logbook;
  • Cadets must complete the Covid-19 training program (MANDATORY) before they can attend cadets (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS – NOTE: Must use Internet Explorer);
  • Those showing flu-like symptoms must stay home (NOTE: cadets will not be penalized if they stay home – they must still fill out a SHORT LEAVE FORM.  Cadets will be encouraged to remain home for 14 days);

The Cadet Corps will strive to ensure that each cadet activity is a safe, fun, engaged and inclusive environment for cadets and staff.  This will require participation from all cadets, parents/guardians, stakeholders and staff to ensure we are all meeting our obligations.

NOTE: Even though the Canadian Cadet Organizations shall strive to ensure all procedures are met, every person must meet their obligations to ensure it is a safe environment for cadet training.

NOTE: The Canadian Cadet Organizations may issue another stand down Nationally / Regionally should Covid-19 have another surge and create an unsafe environment.  Should this happen, it will be out of the Cadet Corps control.